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Severin Browne TRACK LIST:

1. Stay (2:29)
2. Darling Christina (3:42)
3. Snow Flakes (2:55)
4. Raggedy Ann & Me (2:06)
5. Skip Tune (3:35)
6. Sister (3:30)
7. Not Quite Time (2:15)
8. There's A Lot To Be Said (2:46)
9. Just A Matter Of Time (3:02)
10. The All-American Boy And His Dog (2:20)

 Darling Christina
 Snow Flakes
 Raggedy Ann & Me

Currently Out Of Print

Severin Browne's self-titled debut album was released on the Motown label. In the early 1970s, someone at Motown decided that it would be a good business decision to diversify their base a bit and they quickly signed Rare Earth, Leslie Gore and the late Bobby Darin as well as a young but talented singer/songwriter by the name of Severin Browne. By the end of 1974, only Severin (of the four) remained on the Motown Label.

Severin 1973 Severin Browne wasn't an album that Severin was anxious to make. Ironically, it was Motown's Berry Gordy who first suggested he make the album. Severin had come in to Motown in late 1970 to pitch some of his songs not as a performer but rather to pick up a job as a staff writer! Berry Gordy came in during the session and asked Severin if he wanted to cut his own album. Severin responded with a definite, "no." Yet the album was made and was produced by Larry Murray, previously of Hearts and Flowers, a group which appeared on the Eagles tree. Larry had previously been involved with Johnny Cash. Also involved in the album were session men like John Guerin, Sneeky Pete, Emory Gordy, Merel Bregante and Steve LeFever. Paul Parrish does some arranging.

Severin Browne contains ten self-written songs dating from 1971 to 1973 and was reviewed quite favorably by the British rock magazine Zig Zag. The Zig Zag article reported that "the unifying factor of the songs is love. But not as simply as that -- what you get are a series of vignettes concerning love lost, found, unrequited and its opposite, past, present, future and imminently terminating or commencing. They are all very even, and I reckon they only require exposure to get people interested... 'Raggedy Ann And Me' seems not unlike a Kenny Loggins song, perhaps not least because those heroes of my youth, Winnie The Pooh and Tigger, are mentioned. Then the last track on the record, with the title 'The All American Boy And His Dog' has the equally fine line 'I'm an old motor scooter that's not worth the repair'."

Severin Brownealso contained Severin's first single, "Darling Christina," which Severin claims is "out and out fantasy." It's about the kidnapping of Christina by her lover, Eduardo, and the track features the talents of Sneaky Pete on steel guitar and Allen Lindgren on keyboards with the vocal assistance of Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt and John David Souther singing harmony.

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