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New Improved Severin Browne TRACK LIST:

1. Love Notes From Denver (3:53)
2. Tickle My Lips (3:23)
3. Romance (3:18)
4. More Dreams In The Sea (3:00)
5. Confessions Of A Madman (3:50)
6. Love Song (2:46)
7. The Sweet Sound Of Your Song (2:57)
8. Do, Magnolia, Do (4:04)
9. Cooking School (2:36)
10. Beginning To Believe (2:55)

 Love Notes From Denver
 Love Song
 Do, Magnolia, Do

Currently Out Of Print

Severin 1974New Improved Severin Browne was Severin Browne's second album for Motown Records. Its release in 1974, just a year after Severin's first album, was ushered in by the release of the hit single "Love Song." Motown was clever enough to make the B-side of the single the song "Snow Flakes," from his first album, to help garnish additional sales from the first LP at the same time.

New Improved Severin Browne was heralded by Cash Box magazine which said, "The piano, guitar and vocal virtuosity of Severin Browne are readily apparent when one listens to his new Motown LP, one that captures the talented artist at yet another plateau of his creative development. Browne has a style all his own and tunes such as 'Tickle My Lips' and 'Confession Of A Madman' define that talent nicely. A contingent of heavy studio musicians helps Severin bring out the best in his material." The album does indeed feature a "contingent of heavy studio musicians." Motown spared no expense in securing Russ Kunkel and Jeff Porcaro to play drums, David Hungate on bass, David Paich on piano and accordian, Richard Bennet on guitar and pedal steel, Alan Lindgren on electric piano, synthesizer and mellotron, Joe Porcaro and Bobby Torres on percussion, Steve Leeds on sax, Robert Grinnedge on steel drum and Dean Webb on mandolin. Background vocalists for the album include Jennifer Warren, Carol Carmichael, Bobbi Thomas, and Jules Shear.

New Improved Severin Browne made Billboard magazine's Recommended LPs list. Billboard referred to the album as a "pleasant and soft LP from a singer/songwriter who is divided between the John Denver laid back approach and a slightly more bouncy sound. The album contains a good variety of cuts and is much more impressive than last LP. Best Cuts: 'Love Notes From Denver,' 'Love Song,' and 'Cooking School'." Severin is also partial to "Do, Magnolia, Do."

New Improved Severin Browne was Severin's last LP for Motown. In spite of wonderful music and generally positive reviews, Motown (at that time) didn't know how to properly promote a white folk/pop artist so far from the traditional Motown sound. The album has become a collector's item for those who remember the tapestry of warm vocals and clever lyrics that marked this fine album. By the age of 25, with two albums released, and the secretaries at Motown still asking his name when he visited, he made his get-away and swore he would not make another record. A promise he would keep for 20 years!

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