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This Twisted Road TRACK LIST:

1. Don't Mistake The Singer
    For The Song (4:35)
2. Do You Think I'll Go To Heaven (3:17)
3. Water (4:43)
4. You Can't Fool The Moon (4:42)
5. This Twisted Road (3:30)
6. Sweet Stupid Dreams (3:58)
7. Angelyne (4:56)
8. Strange Life (4:41)
9. My Midlife Crisis (3:28)
10. Roads (5:04)

 You Can't Fool The Moon

Buy the CD directly from Severin. $17 in the U.S., $25 International
(Includes Shipping & Handling)

Severin 2001 This Twisted Road is Severin Browne's fourth album and first in more than five years. The album contains ten songs that showcase some of the very best of Severin's songwriting talent. Severin produced the album with Edward Tree, and had the help of James Coberly Smith, Freebo, John Townsend, Skip Edwards, and others. Those familiar with Severin's earlier work will quickly notice his continued growth as both a songwriter and guitar player.

This Twisted Road was released in July 2001 and was very favorably reviewed by radio personality and singer-songwriter Robert Morgan Fisher who said of the CD, "The great thing about Severin Browne is that he doesn't seem to realize the magnitude of 'This Twisted Road' -- what a masterpiece it is. I expect that one day he'll look back and the full force of what he's achieved with this extraordinary recording will suddenly shake him to the core. Then he'll feel what I'm feeling right now." (Robert Morgan Fisher is a noteable songwriter who co-wrote the award winning song "Mr. Schwinn" with Darryl Purpose.)

This Twisted Road showcases Severin Browne at the very top of his profession as both a singer and songwriter. Ten finely crafted tunes about the failures and successes of life are brought together as few songwriters have been able to achieve. The title song is about healing and was inspired by the Oklahoma bombing. Highlights include songs of love ("Water" and "Roads"), songs of relationships and growth ("My Midlife Crisis" and "Strange Life"), songs of contemplation ("Do You Think I'll Go to Heaven"), and songs of life in Los Angeles ("Angelyne"). In other words, something for everyone as we all travel "This Twisted Road" called life...

"Severin Browne is a truly unique artist and guitar player. He effortlessly blends divergent musical styles into a cohesive bouillabaisse - a one man melting pot of folk, jazz, country and rock'n'roll. He's four of the best guitarists I know." -- Edward Tree, Album Producer

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