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Great Guitars, Great Friends & Great Karma

Nine months ago or so, our friend and customer Geoff found a "holy grail guitar" in an on-line auction -- a 1973 David Russell Young dreadnaught. Upon receiving the guitar (in its original Mark Leaf custom case), Geoff discovered the Westwood Music sticker on the inside of the case pocket. He raced over to the store and asked Fred if he remembered whom the guitar had been originally sold to. Fred knew right away it was a pro player -- the guitar, the case, the original Sunrise pick-up and Sony microphone installation (state of the art in '73), but the name was elusive. Fred says "It'll come to me..."

Today, Severin Browne, the songwriter/guitarist whose brother plays and sings a bit too, came by to see the new store. Severin tells Fred how his prized David Russell Young guitar was stolen last July and how he needs to find a great guitar to try to "replace it" but nothing can replace it and.... And Fred stops Severin mid-sentence and leads him up to the shop where "Geoff's guitar" is in for some minor repair and set up. And then the Guitar Gods strummed a most beautiful open chord...

A couple of phone calls later, Geoff and Severin have become friends. Severin has found his dream guitar and can't believe it! Geoff has "lost" his dream guitar and couldn't be happier. And Fred has presided over another amazing Wednesday at Westwood Music. Great Guitars. Great Friends. Great Karma. Guaranteed.
Guitar Shop Photo
© 2012 Severin Browne