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Here are four interesting articles:

1. "SummerSongs - The Songwriters' Summer Camp" - written by Severin Browne, October 2007

2. Severin Browne & James Coberly Smith - an article by Paul Zollo in FolkWorks, Summer 2004

3. "Great Guitars, Great Friends" - a true story of how Severin found a missing guitar, May 2002

4. "SummerSongs - The Songwriters' Summer Camp" - written by Severin Browne, January 2002

The following are links to sites by friends of mine. They all deserve more said about them than I have said here. So check them out, and come back often because I'll be adding more links as time goes on. Information about House Concerts can be found towards the end of this page, please check it out!

Tall Men Group
  • TALL MEN GROUP is a band that includes Severin Browne, Ed Tree, Jeff Kossack, John Stowers, Marty Axelrod, and Jimmy "Muffin" Yessian, six prominent Los Angeles performing songwriters who have come together to create something special. TALL MEN GROUP has just released it's first CD!
    Tall Men Group Website
    Tall Men Group Facebook Page

  • Severin Browne uses D'Addario Strings.

  • James Coberly Smith James Coberly Smith is a good friend who I've played music with for many years. He moved to Boise, Idaho a couple of years ago and now has a great website where speaks with local Boise songwriters about how they write their songs.
    Boise Song Talk

  • Dan Navarro is an old friend of mine. Dan used to sing with me in a trio (with Debbie Pearl), and has since gone on to make some of the finest acoustic rock on this planet (or any other)!

  • Rex Foster is a new friend and a great singer / performer.

  • Pamela Polland is a dear old friend and a great singer/songwriter.

  • Trough Records was created by my friend Mark Humphreys to record and market his own CDs. And his songs and performances are real good. Mark has gone quite a bit further than the rest, though. He has signed some of his favorite acts to record for his label, and then has been very generous with promoting them and other friends (including me!). Recording for Trough are my friends Rod Smear, Andrew Lorand, Lisa Johnson, and the duo Tim Tedrow and John Michael Kaye.
    Trough Records

  • Robert Morgan Fisher is a gifted writer that has made my head spin many times with his heartfelt words and melodies. You can find out more about him from Imperative.

  • Ritt Henn is the genuine article. A great player, a great guy, and I like his CD a lot.

  • Steve Noonan is an old friend who goes "way back." When I was auditioning for the high school choir back at Sunny Hills, I was asked to sing a solo part. After I sang, the director turned to the choir and asked, "Now, who does that sound like?" Many yelled out "Steve Noonan!" He had already graduated by the time I got there, but he was still one of my early songwriting influences.

  • Radio Gets Wild has 18 DJ's from around the world broadcasting LIVE every day with all types of music and they've shown enough musical taste to include me as a featured artist!
    Radio Gets Wild

  • Cued-Up with Tony Pretzello: Tony Pretzello is the very likeable guy who interviewed me for Radio Gets Wild. If you'd like to listen to our interview or any of the other interviews that he's done, click on the logo below.
    Cued-Up with Tony Pretzello

  • Addicted to Songwriting is a great resource for songwriters. You'll find that there are lots of great articles about songwriting, as well as articles and tips about the business end. Check it out.
    Addicted to Songwriting

  • datamusicata: Tips, Hints and Clues for the Artists in all of us is a free resource for anyone who needs some info, hints, tips, and recommendations for being an artist. Run by my good friend James Lee Stanley.

  • Kulak's Woodshed is a funky little place that Severin has played once each month since about 1999. You can see his monthly First Friday Show at 8pm (Pacific time) on the first Friday of each month at:

  • Darryl Purpose is a good friend and a truly inspired performer. He's been touring the country and winning awards for a few years now. If you don't know about him yet, do yourself a favor and check him out.
    Darryl Purpose Home Page

  • Sandy Ross is a folk & blues treasure, and a great lady!
    Sandy Ross

  • Jim Savarino quit his job as an aerospace engineer to do folk music. And what a job he's doing! Check him out.
    Jim Savarino Home Page

  • Please check out the web site. This great site is dedicated to acoustic music in Southern California and beyond. They've been nice enough to include a link to this web site.

  • The name of a great new club is The Coffee Gallery Backstage, and it is the brainchild of Bob Stane, who created and ran The Ice House in Pasadena in it's glory years. It holds 60 people and has no distractions (waitresses, coffee machines, etc) to prevent the performer from doing a great show. It also has a fun theme. Check it out.
    The Coffee Gallery Backstage

  • Lothar Struff is an old friend. Check out his Web site at

  • James Lee Stanley is a dear old friend, co-writer on "I Don't Want To Talk About It", guitarist, songwriter, freelance human being, and occasional Klingon. He always lifts my spirits. Check him out.
    The Official James Lee Stanley Web Site

  • Mary Coppin is a tremendous songwriter and a good friend who has been winning lots of festivals and competitions in a very short period of time. Her song 'Room Up For Rent' is a great song that will be a major hit for someone. Check her out!"

  • SummerSongs is as close to songwriter heaven as you can get and still be on earth. You will spend a week in a beautiful forested camp in the Catskill Mountains with lots of great teachers, small classes, wonderful companions, beautiful music and delicious food. What more could you ask! Check it out.

  • This site is run by my friend Benford Standley, a country outlaw type who has run with the likes of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and John Andrew Parks. But its not a country music site. Its an Everything-in-Entertainment site. Check it out.

  • Twitch is Scott Anderson, and he's a fine songwriter and friend. I think its a cool thing that he took the name "Twitch" to talk about his Tourette's Syndrome, a problem that he's learned to live with just fine. And he's got a spectacular CD with his self-titled "Twitch" album. And it has the amazing song "On My Way" which I recently complained to him about because I couldn't get the damn thing out of my head! Check him out.

  • Folk Alliance Region West (FAR-West) is the western regional chapter of the North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance (Folk Alliance). It's dedicated to improving the acoustic music environment in the western U.S.
    FAR-West Logo

  • FlexiMusic - This company has some low priced audio programs that look real good. There's a music editor that I'm interested in, as well as a music generator and a composing program that also look to be useful (and fun!). And for the kids, there's a special music composing program. Might be a cool gift for the holidays!

  • is a new website that promotes all the acoustic venues and house concerts along the Ventura Freeway Corridor in southern California.

  • Learn How to Play Guitar | Free Guitar Lessons Online -


What is a House Concert?

Severin Browne in ConcertThere is a new take-off on the old folk club idea that is spreading across the country with the speed of a great idea! Any person with a living room and friends can now host traveling musicians looking for an audience. The great thing about it is everyone wins: the audience gets to see a performer in a casual setting (usually a living room), and the performer gets to make a real connection to people, not limited by lights and sound system and drink minimums, etc. And the performer also makes enough money to continue his travels. And because of the intimacy of the living room or yard, the performer can usually make a personal connection, if only for a few minutes, with every person there.

I have done a number of house concerts, and am completely sold on the idea. A woman who drove quite a while to hear me perform a few times complained that I never played in her area, an hour north of San Diego. After telling her about house concerts, she and her husband decided to host one, and were pleasantly surprised. About 25 people came, enjoying the potluck and the music and the party atmosphere. One of her friends decided that night to have one, too. So a couple months later, I did another house concert in a nearby town at the home of her friend, and 35 people came. And again, at that house concert, two more people came forward and invited me into their homes.

So little by little, the idea is spreading. People want to see performing singer-songwriters in casual settings, and realize that paying $10 or $15 each for such an intimate show is the deal of the year!

I would like to hear from you if you are interested in hosting a house concert either with me, or with any of my friends listed in the "SevLINKS" section of this site. I will act as the go-between and help set it up if it is with one of my friends. And even though I have limited my travels to California in recent years, I am interested in expanding into other states.
E-mail me.

In April 2002, NPR's "Marketplace" did a story on house concerts which includes interviews with Russ & Julie's House Concerts, Severin Browne, Darryl Purpose and Dar Williams. Unfortunately, Severin wasn't credited, but he is mentioned in the story.

You can hear this story by going to Click on the link in the 3rd line down which says "Listen" which will key up a RealAudio file in ".ram" format. Then move the counter to the 20:15 mark... about 3/4 of the way through the half hour program. The story is about 5 minutes long.

bullet Russ & Julie's House Concerts (Oak Park, CA) bullet
bullet Westlake Canyon House Concerts (Westlake Village, CA) bullet Noble House Concerts (Van Nuys, CA)
bullet Linda Lee's House Concerts (Camarillo, CA) bullet Julie's Joint House Concerts (Canoga Park, CA)
bullet Stardust House Concerts (North Hills, CA) bullet Seth & Tony's House Concerts (Ealge Rock, CA)
bullet Full Moon Saturdays at Stonywood (Pasadena, CA) bullet Marc Bachrach House Concerts (Thousand Oaks, CA)
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