Severin Browne Bio


Severin was raised in a musical family where all the children were expected to play an instrument. He began with accordion (which disappointed his jazz-loving father), then moved to drums and saxophone (which his dad loved) before settling on guitar at the ripe old age of ten, then piano at 14. 


His older brother Jackson, a talented singer/songwriter with many albums for Asylum/Elektra and Inside Recordings, started out as first chair cornet in the Garvanza Elementary School band. And Severin (known as Eddie back then) soon joined the band playing drums. 


A former Motown recording artist and staff songwriter, Severin continues to enchant audiences with his clear voice, masterful guitar playing and finely crafted songs. He has shared stages with Kenny Rankin, The Kingston Trio, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee, John Hartford, Country Joe and the Fish, and many more.


 After leaving Motown in the mid-seventies, Severin spent his time writing and performing in the Los Angeles area, where his songs were recorded by Thelma Houston, Patti Dahlstrom, Colin Blunstone, Twiggy, The Dillards, and Pamela Stanley, who had a Billboard #15 hit with Severin’s “I Don’t Want To Talk About It.” 


His three post-Motown CDs, “From the Edge of The World” (1995), “This Twisted Road” (2001), and “Lucky Man – A Songwriter’s Notebook” (2012) have all gotten great reviews.  With roots in pop, jazz, country, rock and R&B, Severin continues to surprise his acoustic audiences with surprisingly catchy  melodies.  



Severin is very excited about the recent recording that he has done for his upcoming CD “Overdue.” He does not have a release date yet, because the recording has been suspended for the time being with the coronavirus stay-at-home orders. But he is still hoping to release it before the end of 2020.